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Research and Advocacy

Parkinson's Disease and Brain Injury


Parkinson's Research

While we celebrate the achievements in Parkinson's research, clearly many frontiers remain, which beckon for the next generation of scientists to venture further into the unknown. This uncharted research is our focus beginning with esophageal motility disorder.

Brain Injury Advocacy

Our mother’s 30 year journey with Parkinson’s tells a story of success through challenges. Joan was both faithful and determined to work as hard as she could to live with Parkinson.  Yet, at the end of her journey, we found that the treatment and diagnosis of patients with prior brain injuries varies widely across the medical profession.  We are advocates for an equitable and peer-reviewed "gold standard" of care.

Quality of Care

Quality of care and the ability to receive it should not be dependent upon a business relationship or a for-profit arrangement between providers. Medical partnerships can build community but they should never bar or limit access to care delivered in a hospital, physician's office, local pharmacist, or with a hospice provider. This is our vision and promise!

Meet Joan - Our Guiding Angel

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